Giugno 3, 2023

“Matter becomes Art” The collective exhibition organized by the Mazzoleni Foundation in collaboration with the Caravaggio County Museum

“Matter becomes Art”
The collective exhibition organized by the Mazzoleni Foundation
in collaboration with the Caravaggio County Museum
It will be inaugurated on April 22 from 6 pm in Alzano Lombardo

Alzano Lombardo, 17 April 2023 – The Mazzoleni Foundation is pleased to present the exhibition Matter becomes Art in collaboration with the Caravaggio County Museum of San Giovanni La Punta (CT), an event dedicated to the discovery of contemporary art.
The exhibition will be inaugurated on April 22 in the exhibition halls of Via Locatelli 1 in Alzano Lombardo (BG). 14 artists will be presented who will exhibit their pictorial and sculptural works, with the aim of being supported and followed by the Foundation itself: – Alexander Donskoi – Bruna Borghi – Carmelo Fabio D’Antoni – Enzo Silvi – Giordano Sidella – Giovanni Ronzoni – Samuel – Sandmann Corte-Real – Shlomo Tuvia – Stefania Vichi – Stefano Bettini – Tommaso Dognazzi – Valeria Cifalà.

The Mazzoleni Foundation has been dedicated for years to the promotion and diffusion of contemporary art all over the world, also paying great attention to the new emerging talents, following them in their process of artistic and professional evolution. The Foundation has always used to organize cultural events and group exhibitions that can make the public discover emerging artists and different artistic currents. In fact, during the year numerous events are organized in various public contexts of great prestige and relevance, addressing an international audience.
In the headquarters of the Foundation, in Alzano Lombardo, group exhibitions are organized with the aim of spreading and making new artists known to collectors and art lovers.
Through the new collective exhibition in April we will have the opportunity to present the collaboration with the “La Contea del Caravaggio” museum in San Giovanni la Punta. The collective exhibition will take the name of “Matter becomes Art”, a title that aims to refer to contemporary art and the numerous artistic currents that dominated and characterized the end of the twentieth century. The works, the selected artists and the layout of the exhibition space will have the aim of actively involving the public, as well as immersing them in a new, colourful, material and contemporary space.
It will range from conceptual art to abstract art up to bringing the user towards the knowledge and discovery of totally innovative and revolutionary works.
The event will be hosted by the artist Luciano Manara who will present his new sculpture entitled ‘Europe asks us for it’, a work created to spread his message “Italy is a nation that from its boot shape can give a kick to Europe, we are considered in the world as an excellence in everything, from culture to art, to food; we throw away the milk, the oranges and I don’t know how many other things and now they ask us to eat insects”.

The rooms can be visited from 22 April to 27 May from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 18.30, Saturday and Sunday by appointment only on 035511784.

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