Aprile 1, 2023

Adele Ceraudo donates the work “Green Frida” to the Rome Foundation

Adele Ceraudo donates the work “Green Frida” to the Rome Foundation

ROME, March 2022 – The artist Adele Ceraudo (1972, Cosenza; lives and works in Milan)
donates the work entitled “Green Frida” to the Rome Foundation.

An act of trust in the Foundation’s ability to withstand momentary crises and bad weather, and therefore to last over time, transmitting to posterity the art and culture of the twentieth century, as well as the creativity of contemporary artists.

Adele Ceraudo donates the work “Green Frida” to the Rome Foundation

Thanks to the approval of the work by Prof. Emmanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele, Honorary President of the Rome Foundation, the work was put on display within the spaces of the Foundation and goes to increase the already rich collection of works of art. of the Rome Foundation, the result of a careful and far-sighted policy of acquisitions and donations.

In fact, it was born under the impulse of Prof. Emmanuele F.M. Emanuele, the Foundation’s art collection represents one of the most significant collections in the Italian artistic panorama and offers an open and complete vision of the Italian pictorial schools: from the most ancient testimonies offered in the 15th century, to contemporary art, without excluding any of the expressions of today’s world, such as Street Art.

The portrait that the Cosenza artist Adele Ceraudo donated depicts Frida Kahlo, an international icon of art and a symbol of female freedom and independence.

Model of strength, temperament and style.

In fact, the life of the Mexican painter has become an example for all women of how suffering and pain can be accepted, transforming them into art, color, poetry.

A life of constant tests that Kahlo, experimenter and revolutionary, managed to convey and represent her greatest passion through art.
Frida Kahlo is a woman who has been able to impose her thoughts while always remaining faithful to her feelings and transforming pain into beauty.

Just as Frida’s painting represents the reappropriation of herself, of the scars and pains of every woman, Adele Ceraudo’s works also depict the experiences and struggles of every woman.

Adele Ceraudo investigates herself and others and, through her body, expresses the passion of life, the desire for freedom, the desire to go against the stereotypes that pin women to predefined roles and behavioral codes.

Adele Ceraudo donates the work “Green Frida” to the Rome Foundation

With the choice of this work Adele Ceraudo wants to underline the importance of “transforming poison into medicine”, suffering into opportunity.

The pandemic has unexpectedly and devastatingly erupted into our lives, uncovering unresolved and unconsciously obscured knots, generating pain and suffering.

Art, beauty, culture, poetry, music are the only ones capable of transforming and regenerating the world. With this donation, the Rome Foundation and Adele Ceraudo embrace this message.

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