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SPACE ONE, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art – Sunday 20 March 2022 at 12.00 – Brunch From 20 to 27 March 2022 – At the Sapienza School of Aerospace Engineering – Rome

SPACE ONE, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art – Sunday 20 March 2022 at 12.00 – Brunch From 20 to 27 March 2022 – At the Sapienza School of Aerospace Engineering Rome

SPACE ONE International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Will attend:
The Magnificent Rector of Sapienza University of Rome Dr. Antonella Polimeni
Dean of the School of Aerospace Engineering Dr. Giovanni Battista Palmierini
Art critic Dr. Mara Ferloni
Artistic Director and Artist Cinzia Cotellessa

On Sunday 20 March 2022 the first edition of the SPACE ONE International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Art will open at 12.00, organized by the Galleria Studio CiCo and promoted by the La Sapienza School of Aerospace Engineering in Rome.
One hundred works will be exhibited including oil paintings, watercolor, mixed techniques, sculptures and installations created by artists from all over the world expressly for this event.


Alvarado, Annaluna, Asatryan, Bacci, Balestrieri, Bolognesi, Brancia, Hat, Capuano, Ciampi Karner, Corbut, Corsages, Cotellessa, Dal Bò, Di Solidea Falesiedi, D’Orazio, Fanfani, Florio Hacker, Frustaci, Furia, Garzillo, Ghidini , Jewel, Gitto, Gravante, Gualtieri, Guarino, Gudenko, Iacobucci, lacolucci, lannone, Iniart, Magri, Mengoni, Nanu, Occhiuzzi, Pagnani, Pellacani, Premoli, Riha, Rinaldoni, Romagnoli, Romanello, Salvo, Sanjelaji, Schwartz, Segura , Serra, Sibiart, Speranza, Taglialatela, Theodoli, Tinebra, Todrican, Toscano, Trinchero, Turlinelli, Uber, Ugolini, Valdinoci, Veneziani, Versace, N.Volcanes, V.Volcanes, Zoppi, Zullo, Zumbolo.

Space has always made humanity dream and the first moon landing, back in 1969, prompted all of us to imagine the possibility of another form of life, beyond our generous Earth, in the hoped for hope of do not be alone in enjoying the immensity of the cosmos. Planets, stars, galaxies, energies in constant evolution open up before us and every time we stop to observe they amaze us, stimulating dreams beyond simple perception, in the conscious consciousness that represent only a negligible fraction of an actual reality, perhaps even higher. as far as we can suppose.
The artists, vained by what we are still unable to see today, scrutinize the infinite, as if they had created a virtual bridge towards the unknowable.

In the imagination of every human being there has always been the desire to abstract.

In reality, the desire itself is not turned outward, but is resolved in an inner journey, in the complicated, inexhaustible meanders of our soul, in a continuous search for the meaning of our existence.

Angelica Theodoli

SPACE ONE International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

“When the thought unleashes the immense /
even man soars in blue flights /
in the embrace of clouds /
in sloping vortices of dreams /
free in the time of moments and centuries … /
and the matter loses consistency to sublimate into a symbol /
beyond every sun, to infinity … “

So some verses by Antonio De Marco that seem to me well suited to this great Space One International Competition – organized with enthusiasm and passion by the well-known artist Cinzia Cotellessa of Studio CiCo in Rome and promoted with equal interest by the Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the ‘Sapienza University -, the first edition of which will be inaugurated on Sunday 20 March 2022 with the exhibition of over one hundred works by 67 Italian and foreign artists who at this moment, after a long pandemic, feel the need to rediscover vital energies for a creative rebirth.

Perhaps it is precisely from the mystery of the universe, from what has been done extraordinarily, but above all from what can still be done, that we need to draw from to discover valid and new artistic narratives.

The artists in the exhibition often presented existential metaphors that acquire dreamlike dimensions. They are intense creations, some of great emotional impact, which include every pictorial matrix.

It is an evocative journey that delves into the complex universe trying to reveal its mystery: the social space, the architectural space, the conceptual space.

The artists look at space, interpret it, draw it, propose it beyond an objective dimension and with technical capacity. With cultural insight they have interpreted the meanings of shapes in a dynamic or static visual journey with the most varied techniques and materials, almost a revitalization of life forms, of resources for the ecology of the earth.

With fluid forms, with the most varied materials, even flexible ones that have a sensitive relationship with the material, they have given rise to a project of narration in color that becomes a collective tale; a fascinating investigation of an instinctual and subjective art characterized by light, by the color of shapes that are also fluid, flexible, with various materials that have a sensitive relationship with on the matter.
A polychrome journey through different styles that tell of our contemporaneity with results that are now material and dense, now as evanescent and mysterious as the Universe.

Mara Ferloni
Journalist and Art Critic

SPACE ONE International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

SPACE ONE International Exhibition of Contemporary Art