Aprile 1, 2023

Explorer Of Art, Miwa Komatsu

Born in Nagano Japan in 1984, Komatsu spent her childhood immersed in nature, surrounded by rich natural landscapes. Her artwork reflects this special connection to nature and its life cycles, Komatsu’s artwork often incorporates performance elements and explores themes such as life and death, and the gods and spiritual beings.

She received high acclaim in Japan and is now active in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Her artwork Guardian Lion Dogs is permanently exhibited at the British Museum. Komatsu’s art continues to attract international attention and has been collected by institutions such as the World Trade Center in New York. In addition, the artist won Young Artist Of The Year in 2017 and has been invited to appear in television advertisements as well as becoming the Official Ambassador for Maison Christian Dior. Her December 2018 solo show record figures for attendance and sales, In 2019 she is selected as one of the 10 prominent artists from all over the world for Diversity for peace. Her art work was exhibited in Piazza San Marco Venice during the 58th International Art Biennale. 

Miwa Komatsu and HTC Vive Originals Joint production Inori was nominated in the VR (virtual reality) section for the 76th Venice International Film festival in 2019.

Miwa Komatsu held a live painting on September 11th at Zenkoji Temple in Nagano, one of the oldest temples (National Treasure) and most historical sites in Japan. 

It is a non-sectarian Buddhist temple and known as one of the pilgrimage spots. This temple traces its origin to the seventh century when Honda Yoshimitsu brought back to Nagano the oldest Buddha statue which had been introduced in Japan but dumped in Osaka in a controversy over nation’s adoption of Buddhism.

Komatsu made an artwork of prayer for peace in the world and requiescat of the soul for the victims of 911.

Her artwork Unchained prayer reaches heaven is offered to Zenkoji Temple as a symbol of peace.

Due to COVID-19, the live painting performance was held without a physical audience.

I visited Zenkoji Temple several times since it is close to my hometown. A pigeon, a symbol of happiness, came to my mind during the live painting, and I drew it with the rich nature of Nagano, a prayer for peace in the world and requiescats of the soul for the victims of911.

Today September 11th marks 20 years since the terrorists attack on the United States in 2001. I also recall my artwork was exhibited in the World Trade Center during the reconstruction period in New York’, said Miwa Komatsu.

New York is a city that inspired Komatsu as a gateway to international artists.

Her artwork has been stored in the World Trade Center since reconstruction period till now.

From November 11th to 14th her artworks will be exhibited in Shanghai for a solo exhibition at Westbund, which is China’s largest art fair with 120 galleries selected from 45 cities in 18 countries around the world.

She will exhibit more than 25 new artworks in a space of 120 square meters. Amongst all artworks, she also will exhibit Sakura, which has been created in Paris by live painting when she was a Maison Christian Dior Ambassador.



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