Aprile 1, 2023

Book “Between True and Fake”

The First Volume of the Catalog Raisonné of the Amedeo Modigliani fakes is forthcoming, written by Fabrizio Checchi, Art Historian, which will be part of a complete work where all the false or erroneously attributed works will be published.

The First Volume will deal in particular with all the events and features that characterized the centenary of the artist’s death.

A much discussed centenary where exhibitions took place throughout Italy, with the aim of accrediting already known fake works, complaints, investigations and indictments, as well as personalities in search of notoriety, members of phantom international associations; profitable intentions to the detriment of one of the most loved painters of the twentieth century will be brought to light.

A careful and meticulous research work that documents the facts and theorems of pseudo investigators and the finds of works that at times seem surreal and comic, a book that analyzes all aspects and elements of crime, but also moral aspects and which intends to put a stop to the production of Amedeo Modigliani’s fakes.


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